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By:Darrell Alexander10:56:09 23/05/2017    IP: 162.225.84.***
I love these shoes
By:Rico Corley11:17:55 21/05/2017    IP: 172.58.105.***
I want them
By:Stevenson Hunter 10:17:58 21/05/2017    IP: 172.6.31.***
Need Shoes ASAP
By:Robens Claude04:07:04 20/05/2017    IP: 172.58.172.***
I love these shoes
By:Kason20:14:23 17/05/2017    IP: 99.126.77.***
I bought them when will I get them
By:KEN WELLS 08:22:11 17/05/2017    IP: 174.226.129.***
I would love these!
By:Kenth Bentley02:53:44 16/05/2017    IP: 184.58.209.***
I like these
By:Gerald Martin05:55:25 15/05/2017    IP: 23.127.8.***
Can you get these size 13???
By:Jose01:50:24 15/05/2017    IP: 172.58.28.***
By:Mike00:23:25 15/05/2017    IP: 107.77.90.***
I want these
By:PsalmsParker19:56:29 14/05/2017    IP: 99.1.188.***
I would love these shoes plz
By:Federico herrera20:51:14 13/05/2017    IP: 66.87.116.***
Is nice product for my price is very good.
By:Rick15:16:15 11/05/2017    IP: 172.58.35.***
It come what both shoes
By:Kenyatta A Mczell06:14:36 08/05/2017    IP: 172.56.26.***
I want those shoes
By:Eric06:01:17 08/05/2017    IP: 24.177.240.***
Need these