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By:Kachavios moore12:02:49 23/04/2017    IP: 172.56.20.***
Love the site
By:Xavier Wilson09:56:56 23/04/2017    IP: 208.54.86.***
Fascinating color but the lime green is my favorite color
By:Avery09:15:30 23/04/2017    IP: 166.137.240.***
Nice shoes I want them
By:Tracy01:39:43 23/04/2017    IP: 172.58.145.***
This shoes so fresh
By:Javion05:39:29 22/04/2017    IP: 173.216.185.***
I love it
By:Thurman Mosley06:33:55 21/04/2017    IP: 66.56.225.***
How long does it takes them to shipped to me?
By:Junior Beauzil04:40:05 21/04/2017    IP: 172.58.232.***
I like this knickers
By:Aaron Day04:11:07 21/04/2017    IP: 172.58.121.***
I need 14s and 15s. Can i get them here ??
By:Junior Beauzil02:17:07 21/04/2017    IP: 172.56.19.***
I like this white knickers
By:Jason johnson10:39:10 20/04/2017    IP: 71.10.186.***
Love them
By:Julia duncan09:36:41 20/04/2017    IP: 63.142.89.***
I love these shoes
By:miguel Mesa05:58:15 20/04/2017    IP: 108.12.209.***
Very nice.
By:Timothy francis06:30:02 17/04/2017    IP: 66.255.249.***
I want these plz
By:nathan02:33:20 17/04/2017    IP: 166.137.244.***
I received the shoes today! Looooooove it!
By:Marc santos22:29:12 16/04/2017    IP: 66.87.76.***
I want these 13s